Music for a Healthy brain

Music for a healthy brain In this article José A. Rodríguez for Consumer Eroski we outline the benefits of music during childhood helps alternative connections forming in the brain of children. One factor that also allows to improve cognitive performance in other areas apart from the musical. In addition, recent research indicates that music lessons […]

Music and Synesthesia

Music and Synesthesia A study reveals that we see colors in music Our brains relate joyful melodies with warm, vivid tones; And sad tunes with dark tones Our brains are designed to establish connections between music and color, depending on how the melodies make us feel, has revealed research from the University of California at […]

Music Therapy and Rhinitis

Music Therapy and Rhinitis To address music therapy topic in conference • Dr. Eduardo Castro Sierra will speak of music therapy linked to the stress produced by the medical analysis in children In the framework of the Seminar of Sciences and Theories of Music The second cycle of the Seminar on Science and Theories of […]

Thresholds of sonority / Psychoacoustics

Thresholds of sonority / psychoacoustics Tone / Frequency Although there is a very close relationship between the two terms, they do not refer to the same phenomenon. The pitch is a subjective magnitude and refers to the height or gravity of a sound. However, frequency is an objective and measurable magnitude referred to periodic waveforms. […]

Hearing Memory

Hearing Memory Auditory memory causes “head noises”, according to a study Once again, the brain is responsible Researchers in the auditory system have been able to determine the basic cause of tinnitus. According to the study, these annoying “head noises” occur due to the existence of an auditory memory that forms in our brain. That […]

Musictherapy and Learning

Music therapy and learning Our last message talked about the emotional power of music therapy, and this goes more or less in the same line. You know, those who make us habitually, that we usually echo the texts published in other blogs, media, studies, etc. In such a way that you have to as […]

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