Little Donkey of Bethlehem (El Burrito Sabanero)

El Burrito Sabanero is a Venezuelan Carol which was created by musician and Venezuelan composer Hugo Blanco for the holiday season of 1972.

It was recorded first by Simon Diaz, included in your plate “Bagpipes Simon” where it is accompanied by the Children’s Choir of Venezuela and then the child of the Venezuelan musical group “the Rondallita” in November 1975 with the solo voice of the child Ricardo Cuenci, the latter version that became very popular in several countries of Latin America since the late 1970s to the present day .

“Sabanero” refers to the extensive Venezuelan plains; these have great biodiversity in flora and fauna, and many rivers.

La Sabana and Llanos from Venezuela, have a strong presence throughout the Venezuelan folklore.

The term “Cuatrico” is a diminutive of the word “four”; the “Four” is a typical musical instrument of the Venezuelan folklore, which consists of a small four-string guitar with a very peculiar and distinctive tuning.

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