Dreams of flying

Album Routines (Victoria Signes Leporskaya)

Rhythmic Gymnastics band’s sound, music therapy and psychoacoustics, routines.

Just music, playing music or creating the music, requires great mental strength; so much so that virtually no other skill that requires much brain activity.

It is a combination of tasks.

The musicians read the notes, feel the keys, move the fingers and listen to what they are playing.

Everything at the same time!

American neuroscientists discovered that the brains of musicians were made for this job; because some areas are larger than normal.

One is the cerebellum, where neurons are concentrated more than in the rest of the whole brain.

This small organ works harder and faster than any other part of the brain as it combines the movements of thousands of muscle fibers throughout the body.

For this reason, a larger cerebellum may be developed better.

Another area that is larger in musicians is the corpus callosum, a series of nerve fibers that serve as a communication between a cerebral hemisphere and another; so that both sides of the brain work together.

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