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Music therapy used in the application of sound and music, including silences and noises, to be combined with therapeutic and re-educational interventions by different musical, body and specifically sound techniques.

This discipline of more than 40 years of history in our country has very specific methods and techniques, in which music is used to maintain or restore the health of patients in a therapeutic process.

Many people ask me how it differs in general music therapy applied to pregnancy.

The difference is in the frame and objectives to work.

Here we have a limited time to develop the treatment, since from the beginning of it, until the birth of the baby, there is a maximum of 16 sessions approximate.

On the other hand the objectives are related to three basic aspects : the first link is the relationship between those and arriving.

The second relates to the needs of the mother: fears, fantasies, anxieties, hopes, etc.

And the third has to do with stimulating the baby before birth.

These aspects are traversed by the concept we call “spheres of pregnancy”, which are parallel paths to physical pregnancy along which the emotional, mental and spiritual feelings during the pregnancy period.

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