Can babies remember melodies heard during pregnancy?

Research by a group of British psychologists have shown that children remember the melodies heard in the womb at least one year after birth.

It is known that the intrauterine baby can hear from 20 weeks after conception.

According to reports Dr. Alexandra Lamont of the University of Leicester, it has now been found that babies during the first year after birth, can remember and have a preference for the music they listened to when they were in the womb.

Babies can develop a sense of “familiarity” with the music they listen to during pregnancy.

What is the deadline for the baby to be able to hear and remember?

This research wias done during a total of 20 years and the first results indicate that if a baby has heard a certain melody in the last three months of pregnancy, and after three months of this melody birth is repeated, babies look to eyes of the source from which music is not, if you listen to other music does.

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