La Petite Chanson

Favors the sensitivity of students.

Through rhythm, songs and dances, students can disconnect and be more prepared to acquire new knowledge.

Children’s creativity is encouraged : this subject can help students to create songs composed by them, even melodies and rhythms made by them with various musical instruments.

New forms of expression and learning are adquired.

Music is also a way to express what you think or what you feel.

In addition, music education is also related to other subjects.

For example, explaining the musical genres and in which countries or cities could be heard more, they are acquiring knowledge of geography and social sciences.

The senses are perfected : everyone learn to listen better and to play instruments, many motor skills are acquired.

Also the view to draw the score and musical notes.

Promotes optimism and well-being : there are few times that have been said that music can change the mood of a person.

For the children too, a music song, or simply a rate can reach soothe and comfort such a student that have nervous behavior or angryness.

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