“That something so beautiful and as magical as is the music can provide beneficial things for a person who is suffering.

It is something that has no words.

For me it is a dream that I wake up every day “.

Natalia Garrido does not hide a certain passion when she talks about a project conducted by itself and today it is a reality.

This musicotherapist formed at the Autonomous University of Madrid, she did not hesitate to present this initiative to the hospital in Jaen when she arrived in the US, where she worked in this field.

“We use music as a means to achieve therapeutic goals with patients and may improve pain management and increase their quality of life,” said Garrido.

And all adds this music therapist, through a discipline that describes itself as “a complementary therapy in the hospital setting and that she combines with traditional medical treatment.”

All involved in this program had to perform a training course to better understand the environment and the needs of patients.

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