Classical, country, jazz

Most of the work applied a single session of music, about 30 minutes, during hospitalization of people who had suffered a heart attack, those who had undergone surgery and who were undergoing rehabilitation.

67% of participants were male with an average age of 63.3 years from seven different regions : USA, Canada, Australia, Denmark, Germany and Hong Kong.

All trials used relaxing, mainly classical music, jazz and country style.

“The results of this review suggest that listening to music can be an effective intervention to reduce heart rate and blood pressure in people with cardiovascular disease and reduces anxiety in patients with myocardial infarction,” conclude the authors of this work.

“It also decreases respiratory rate and pain, but these effects were minor and its relevance is unclear,” added the experts.

“I know that in some US hospitals music is used while the patient waits in the waiting room (15 minutes) before subjecting him to catheterization and also during the intervention.

In addition, also project drawings on the ceiling as a way of distraction, “says Dr. Manzano.

Enrique Asin Cardiel points out that, considering the relaxing effect of certain styles of music, from the theoretical point of view, has tested positive for anxiety and heart, but is not shown in actual practice, the variability that involve the tests conducted so far. “

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