Colombian Folclore – Bambuco

A melody, a little rhythm and much harmony are the components of a recipe that helps reduce stress.

The use of music as relaxation therapy has spread over the years throughout the world and its benefits in patients with cardiovascular disease have been the subject of numerous studies.

Now a review published in The Cochrane Library ‘concludes that listening to music can help reduce blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, anxiety and pain in these patients.

“Normally, [these patients] feel distressed by the diagnosis, hospitalization, surgical processes, uncertainty, fear of death, doubts about progress in his recovery, helplessness and loss of control over their situation” explain the authors of the review.

Sergio Manzano, a cardiologist at University Hospital Virgen de la Arrixaca, in Murcia, explains that “in situations of panic or danger our body defends itself.

The sympathetic nervous system is activated and adrenaline and noradrenaline is released.”

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