Music in general provides various benefits to the intellectual development of children.

In this way, learning to play instruments is something creative and usually applied in many nurseries and schools, where music is played and learned from one or more musical instruments.

Here are some of its advantages : curiosity and creativity.

The use of instruments fosters curiosity in the child since he is a baby.

Touches, look materials, strings, melodies …

And creativity is much better, thanks to music provided by these instruments.
Increases confidence in his own.

To play an instrument is exercised and give kids some skill in paying attention and learning.

This allows to show clearly what kind of progress has been made with other children and ensures much more confidence on them.

More social relations.

Some instruments are played in groups.

And schools are not offering that to children collectively nor in individuallity.

Thus, social relations are encouraged, because the child will have to share equipment with other children.

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