To be born

The musical taste of each one of us will depend on the variety of sounds and patterns we have heard and accumulated in our brains, our memory, in our lifetime.

Thus the nucleus accumbens marks in the moment of pleasure but does not explain the meaning of music in us, it is the learning that does the trick.

This explains why the musicians are capable of a wider taste and appreciate and enjoy more complex musical styles.

The social context also influence our response to one or another style of music, as I commented my colleague Roberto last year, evolutionary times and society also influence our musical tastes.

That and conditioning (the association between stimuli or between stimuli and responses) explain the different response of both subject.

A good example is the clockwork orange, get there we see that a song becomes aversive in the stimuli associating.

If your favorite song sounded in the disco right when you saw your boyfriend probably get involved with another association with this change song and do your emotional feelings response to it.

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