Different sounds

Ed Large has been studied how as altering certain factors within the sound can affect the kind of emotional impact of a song.

He largely exposed a group of subjects to two versions of the same song of Chopin while they were connected to an MRI, in the first version of the song all appeared unchanged, as it is (with its dynamic variations).

The second version of the song was altered, they had specifically eliminated these dynamic variations and the song sounded mechanically.

He noted that the emotional response only appeared in the first group, activation of disappearing pleasure centers to hear the second version.

The subjects were not even able to recognize the two exhibitions like the same song.

A very interesting finding experiment was founded by Lange through activation of mirror neurons in the first version, the dynamics.

Slower firing neurons with slower and faster rhythms with faster rhythms.

These neurons help us to experience internally what we see externally and seem to have a very important role in the way how we experience music.

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