10 Reasons to thank your music teacher

10 reasons to thank your music teacher

Many people who live from music or even those who do it as a hobby may remember that they were influenced or inspired by their music teacher. It could have been a private teacher or in the school classes that motivated you to realize that music was much more than just something that you enjoyed doing in your free time. Even if you do not dedicate yourself professionally to these the benefits of musical education are being recognized and studied so we have many things to thank the music teachers

1. They taught you that it is okay to make mistakes
And making mistakes is how you learn and grow as a person. It is a useful lesson for life not just for music.
2. They taught you to believe in your abilities and to keep you calm under pressure
Excellent ability to solve complex situations calmly.
3. They motivated you to do the best you can and made you exceed your limits
4. Destroyed the myth of “Practice makes perfect”.
5. They have a tremendous dedication.
They take classes after teaching, teach school orchestras, organize choirs, clubs, and plan activities. All that they do additionally mind to give classes is not recognized in the payment for the hours that are worked.
6. They made mathematics more understandable.
It is simpler to understand that 2 blacks fit in 1 white than a bunch of numbers written on a blackboard
7. They taught you to take responsibility for your actions.
When practicing for your piano class or remembering to bring your violin to school.
8. They showed you the way
They showed the way in music a way that has many satisfactions and benefits
9. They showed the importance of always looking for improvement.
Regardless of whether you continue playing the piano or an instrument, watching your actions and criticizing them for improvement is a positive thing.
10. They showed you that music is so much more.
After learning music you discovered that it serves more than just being in the background of your life. Music is something that is experienced.

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