Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligenceThe World Health Organization recently provided the following statistics that suicide is the leading cause of death for young people, one in six boys by the time they turn 20, have symptoms of chronic intoxication. 5% of women worldwide have problems with bulimia or anorexia because they do not accept themselves as they are.
That is why we must learn to manage emotions and feelings, sometimes, by the confused impression that feelings are somewhat dark and mysterious, unreasonable, and almost alien to our control, because emotions, feelings, sentimentality and Sensiblería, affective education is a difficult task, requires much discernment and much constancy.
In recent years, Howard Gardner’s book, Frames of Mind, tells of seven intelligences, in which he situates personal intelligences, which has served as a platform for two investigators to investigate Those personal intelligences. This is what we are dealing with in this work, the importance of obtaining this emotional intelligence. Through a bibliographical research in books and electronic means of dissemination, we will know the most current data on this intelligence. Emotions and feelings are no longer in the heart found in the amygdala.
Differences between emotions, feelings, sentimentality, Emotions are agitations of the mind produced by ideas, memories, appetites, desires, feelings or passions.
Emotions are affective states of greater or lesser intensity and short duration.
“They are manifested by a more or less visible organic commotion”
Intense concussion of intense character.
Agitation of the spirit accompanied by strong somatic commotion.
Feelings: Trends or impulses, moods. (Organic)
Feeling: affective state of low intensity and long duration.
Feelings are impressions that cheer spiritual things. They are also moods. They come from the senses.
Passion: Very intense and long-lasting effective state.
Emotional Shock: Affective state of intense of very short duration.
Diffusion: state in which there is a break with reality.
Sentimentality is the character or quality of what shows too much sensitivity or sensitivity.
Sensitivity is exaggerated sensitivity.
Sensitivity is the ability of living beings to perceive sensations and respond to very small excitations, stimuli or causes. Ability to respond to external stimuli.
Emotional intelligence is important in people’s lives, being balanced in an emotional reaction, knowing how to control emotions and feelings, knowing oneself and self-motivating.
This gives the person the ability to be a better person, with better relationships, what he will do in his personal and professional life. The aim is to achieve a mature personality, which is the existential and dynamic set of physical, temperamental, affective and volitional traits Own, which make us unique and original.
In emotional intelligence no longer depends on the heart depends on the higher intellectual capacities of man, since a primitive brain such as the limbic system must be subordinated to a more advanced brain, the more control we have in our brain, the faster our Connections between the primitive brain and the cerebral cortex much more emotive intelligence will have.
To achieve the connections we will have to create positive habits about the emotions, which will make our synapses better and faster. Developing emotional intelligence will make us better people, and it will help others to be.

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