Spiritual Healing

Spiritual HealingFrequent complaints from mental health professionals are not to be expected when referring to the near zero coverage given to this type of alternative healing therapy.
Since 1195, the University of Chile has held three seminars on the subject.
The last one addressed to therapists, doctors, teachers and artists, was carried out and deal with oriental music therapy, which is more than a simple psychological therapy, and is emerging as a possibility for people to recover their health and improve their spirit.
“A certain sound touches a part of our organism and something happens there.” According to the Uruguayan specialist Meryem Kirgiz. The expert sees this technique as a good formula to be able to reverse the isolation and the automation that subjugate the man of the modern cultures and make it less human.
Chilean society today is absolutely disconnected from its indigenous ancestors and has opted for the automation of modernity. This makes it a cold, aggressive being and therefore more prone to diseases such as gastritis, heart disease and cancer, “he says.
The isolation typical of urban life, generates pathologies almost silent and imperceptible but not less recordings.
“In the streets of downtown, in the micro or the subway, you can see people connected to the stereo staff and at the same time disconnected from everything. This type of isolation leads more and more to autism and schizophrenia, because the human being is unable to perceive himself as a totality and becomes a being divided among a large number of spheres without any connection. Therefore, the functions of daily life are not realized with a harmonious but chaotic sense. “In this aspect, music can act as a great educator and at the same time as a blocker, depending on how it is used.
Sounds that exceed 65 decibels kill neurons.
“As people are subjected to the constant noise of the city, electronic music and the constant bombardment of television, they lose their sensibility. At these levels it is very difficult to achieve interpersonal communication.

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