Hearing is a sexual stimulant – G Spot

“The ear is the basis of the operation and the beginning of the ability to listen.

Music has a mechanical-auditory substrate with a neurophysiological basis.

It is not an exclusively voluntary act. ”

In recent years, some experts indicate a new dimension in sexuality, the environmental, driven by the certainty that the influence of environmental factors clearly in it.

These changes bring about changes in the differences in the sexuality of living beings, and the interdependence between them and the atmosphere are the basis of evolution and biodiversity.

The human sexual response is a succession of physiological events whose purpose is the adapted performance of sexual activity.

So this is possible, the genital organs have to undergo major changes in their form and function through a process of excitement, so that sex is impossible if the penis remains flaccid or the vagina is dry and not has dilated.

It should be noted that vaginal sex is not the goal of the sexual response process.

Despite what occurs primarily in heterosexual intercourse, physiological processes called sexual response also occur in any other form of pleasurable sexual activity, regardless of whether this is reached to some orgasmic discharge.

Until a few years ago I had the idea that in humans the sexual response of a single phase that includes everything, no boundaries between desire and orgasm took place.

As a result, all sexual disorders considered a unique clinical organization, without differentiating between premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction and anorgasmia.

The man who was unable to perform sexual activity, regardless of the origin of the problem, was included in the group of men with impotence problems.

The same happened with the women, whose sexual problems were included in the group that suffered the frigidity, denominated sexual response.

Master and Jonson, researchers in Saint Louis, Missouri, considered by many to be the fathers of modern sexology, broke with the emotional prejudices that impeded the scientific study of sexual physiology and analyzed, in a very detailed way, the sexual interaction of 382 women and 312 men aged 18 to 89 years, in more than ten thousand episodes of sexual activity.

In 1966 was published in “Human Sexual Response” the book of the conclusions of its investigations.

Nowadays, from music therapy and psychoacoustics, she proposes an auditory instrument with elements she likes: sensations, emotions, sounds of panting, music, and perception data in a sexual relation of the initial and final part of the orgasm.

We have been called sexual auditory stimulation and the answer of the letter G in the human being is sound as a primordial element in all our human development.

Dedicated to patients with disabilities of all kinds especially the terminally ill, elderly, erectile dysfunction and for all those who of can use for a form.