Germán Eduardo Sabogal

Cellphones : (51) 317 8067452 – 3014198237

Address : Diagonal 40 A # 18 A – 24 Barrio Sta Teresita localidad Teusaquillo


Bogotá, Colombia, South America

Biographical sketch of a music therapist

Colombian musician of great talent with an artistic and altruistic spirit, perseverance example, a mixture of concern and patience, is one of those people who struggle with desire to get what they propose.

He has chosen a discipline that combines her two greatest strengths, formal knowledge of music along with the virtuoso performance of various instruments and noble nature of service, showing a genuine penchant for helping human beings who have great physical, emotional, mental , social and cognitive.

From his perspective and taking advantage of the harmony, rhythm and melody musical elements are powerful stimuli that significantly affect the perceptual field of all people have been added to the entertainment features, atmosphere music, others like are to promote relations interpersonal, learning, movement, expression, organization and different levels of communication with a therapeutic purpose.

Their skills are the product of high-level academic training, work and experience has given him his career.

In Colombia there had been a great void, contrasting with the powerful associations in other South American countries like Brazil, Uruguay, Peru, Venezuela and Argentina, which Germán Eduardo Sabogal has a personal and historical commitment to fill with Integral Foundation Music Therapy and acoustic Sico (FIMS) with international projection from our cultural and aptly named city musical origins great musical tradition with the recognition of their school’s Conservatory of Music of Tolima in Ibagué.

Music therapy Germán Eduardo Sabogal exercises uses music as a means to produce substantial changes in an open, experimental, interactive, evolutionary dynamic content process are created through the process, individual goals and individual patients taking special care in the initial assessment of their needs by setting dynamic targets. A real therapist alliance between the therapist and patient musician- is created.

In addition Germán Eduardo Sabogal moves easily in the media, the web, training spaces and conferences in which impresses with its musical charisma, skills and educational performance performer.

Germán Eduardo has an outstanding service of humanity emotional intelligence and look forward to see how harvest what it has sown achievements during a lifetime of dedication, inspiration, effort and love to work.

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