Music Therapy Stimulates Breastfeeding

Music Therapy, according to recent studies, seems to impact positively on amount of breast milk secretion by reducing the stress and improving the relaxation of the mother and baby during feedings. With environmental conditions and suitable music, babies and their mothers get the experience of breastfeeding as a pleasant and successful experience. Breastfeeding is an art that requires practice. Many mothers encounter difficulties to breastfeed for the first time the baby is not well attached to the nipple, milk takes up, painful wounds are generated on the nipples … However, with a little perseverance and the right conditions, the experience of breastfeeding ends up being very positive. In this adaptation process, in which the mother and baby are inexperienced, music therapy plays an essential role in helping both to relax and be engage. In the Sound Identity (ISO) converge the sound-vibrational experiences of pregnancy, childbirth and later life. Music Therapy is the field of medicine that studies the complex sound-human. This uses movement, sound and music with the aim of opening communication channels that produce therapeutic, and rehabilitative psychoprophylactic effects on self and society. It is known that breastfeeding has many benefits for both baby and mother. “That relaxes mothers and eliminates the anxiety about breastfeeding”. Being less tense, your heart rate decreases and that also soothes babies, who perceive the heartbeat of their mothers while nursing.

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