Music and stroke

Stroke (stroke or stroke)

A stroke (also called a “stroke,” “stroke,” or “stroke”) occurs when the brain does not get enough blood.
This causes the death of brain cells. Many adults die from vascular brain accidents.
Strokes can change the way a person thinks, talks, sees, and moves.
After a stroke, it may be harder to take care of yourself or have a job.
The good news is that many people who have had a stroke can recover some or all of their abilities.
Speech therapy and physical therapy can help a lot.
There are two main causes of strokes:
· A blood clot in another part of the body obstructs a blood vessel or artery in the brain.
· An artery bleeds within or around the brain.
Who can have a stroke?
· Adults older than 40 are most likely to have a stroke, but younger people and children may also have strokes.
· Strokes affect nearly the same number of men and women.
· People of all races are at risk for stroke. The risk of death from stroke is almost twice as high in the African American population, compared to risk in the Anglo-Saxon population. Usually, African Americans suffer more serious damage.
Even if you feel better in a few minutes or hours, you may have had a “mini-stroke” (transient ischemic attack).
After a mini-stroke you are at risk for a stroke. Call 911 right away or ask someone to call you right away if you notice any of these signs:
· Numbness of the face.
· Weakness or numbness in the arm or leg.
· Total or partial loss of vision in one or both eyes.
· Difficulty speaking and / or understanding other people.
· Very strong headache without reason.
· Dizziness or sudden fall.
The FDA has approved some drugs to prevent and treat stroke. Consult your doctor for more information.
With Music Therapy and Psychoacoustics it is placed in an audio device and used by means of length and wavelength, hertz waves, decibels, duration, height, timbre and sound intensity inside the brain, helps to dilate the blood clot and Normal functions such as motor and mobility of the affected parts are restored.
Medicine prescribed by the doctor as anticoagulants and therapies with a physiotherapist.
I recommend this soundtrack because listening to it can reach the thresholds in the brain.

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