Music as a Therapy

Music as a therapy to improve the quality of life in people

1. How is the Music Therapy Cultural Project born and what is it?
It is a space of individual and group interaction in which through the use of music seeks to improve the physical, psychological, intellectual and social performance of people who present difficulties in Health, Learning or Socialization with the aim of improving their quality and sense of lifetime. It intends by means of a proposal serious therapist musician, to contribute to the search for alternative solutions to the problems generated by modern life; And contribute to the scientific discussion of them.
2. How to describe Germán Eduardo Sabogal?
Colombian musician graduated from the Conservatory of Music of Tolima (1973 -1984) with great talent with an artistic and altruistic spirit, an example of perseverance, a mixture of restlessness and patience, is one of those people who struggle with longing to achieve what they are proposing.
He has chosen a discipline that combines his two greatest strengths, formal knowledge of music along with the virtuous execution of various instruments and his noble nature of service, showing a genuine inclination to help human beings who have great physical, emotional, mental needs , Social and cognitive.
3. What is music therapy and what is its effect?
The music therapy that Germán Eduardo Sabogal exercises uses music as a means to produce substantial changes in an open, experimental, interactive, evolutionary process with dynamic contents that are created through the process, individual and particular objectives of patients taking special care in the Initial assessment of their needs by establishing dynamic objectives. A true therapist alliance is created between musician-therapist and patient. In addition, Germán Eduardo Sabogal moves easily in the media, the web, training spaces such as conferences in which he has an impact on his musical charisma, interpreting skills and pedagogical performance.

4. What is the magic to compose Music Therapy?
I use elements like sound (industrial sounds, nature sounds and organic sounds) combined with hearing, perception, hearing and sensation.
Harmony, rhythm and melody that give the perfect touch to my compositions as sound stimulants within a music therapy process.

5. How is this cultural enterprise financed?
All the financing is more than personal from the sale of special presses, Conferences, Seminars, Workshops and musical Pedagogy. Serenatas, ambiance in gral, creation of soundtracks and promotional jingles for cinema, radio and television. Projects and direction of thesis.
6. What have been the main achievements of Musictherapy?
One of my greatest achievements is that the project is globally and the blogs are used as a consultation in many universities in the world as here in Colombia and are creating seedlings for future generations. To this I add 3 platinum disks and a gold medal awarded by the Ibagué council of which I am a native. Colombia Prize online for my early stimulation project for pre and post pregnancy.
7. And the biggest challenges?
The Foundation FIMS (Foundation for Music Therapy and Sico acoustic) was created later to create the University Foundation of Music Therapy and Sico acoustic and create the clinic of music therapy and Sico acoustics unique in its kind in Latin America. AND WHY NOT IN THE WORLD. AND APPLY FOR A NOBLE PRIZE IN QUALITY OF LIFE THROUGH THE PROJECT.
8. What other initiative is developing through music therapy?
“Talentos Especiales” Project dedicated to people with Disabilities and / or diminished capacities so that through music and the execution of a musical instrument it is possible to rescue the skills and skills that have been lost socializing them and also to develop the philosophy of The playful and the talented. AND APPLY FOR A NOBLE PRIZE IN QUALITY OF LIFE THROUGH THE PROJECT.

9. Where can you contact him?
I am in social networks, blog music and my page that I have turned into my virtual store: –
And my portfolio of services:
Tels .: (51) Cels: 3178067452 -3014198237

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