Musical relaxation

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Music Therapy and Psychoacoustics
Music has become very important in the affective, psychological, educational and social development of the human being; Its study has allowed to conceive it as a process that integrates different facets, all of them very important for the human being. Through music, incredible results can be obtained in the development of hearing, perception, emotion, sensation, multiple intelligences, emotional intelligences, development of auditory memory and / or musical technique, attention management, auditory discrimination, development of Creativity, auditory development, rhythmic and sensitization.
In these works Germán Sabogal contemplates a range of multiplier effects that not only evoke feelings, but also recreate countless memories of our past from the central nervous system and improve our quality by means of sounds and harmonic, melodic and rhythmic combinations .

Musical relaxation
This musical album provides us with tools that help us to recreate events and circumstances of our past, from the very womb of the mother to our days, transmit us positive moods and stimulate our senses.
The compositions are within the concept of music therapy and psychoacoustics using drums, triangles, musical boxes, marimbas, rattles, industrial sounds (engines, car whistles), sounds of the environment (water, wind, drizzle, waterfalls, among others) that help us To a better sensorial-motor development.
Aimed at health, education, relaxation, spirituality, adequate stimulation, imaginary friends, onomatopoeia, meditation, emotional intelligences, multiple intelligences, moods and everything related to our sensory motor development and audio perception. Buy our products or make a donation.

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