Global Warming

Musician seeks to gather 200,000 young people at Simón Bolívar to fight against global warming

Among the purposes of the Tlimense German Sabogal is breaking the world record Güines. The concert will also bring together more than 100 musicians from Tolima and Bogotá.

The event, which will take place in the Simón Bolívar Park in the capital of the Republic and which is in transition, will bring together musicians from Bogotá and Tolima, and about 200 thousand young people from the district colleges of the capital. In addition will have on stage more than 100 musicians, between the symphonic band and the polyphonic choir.

“The idea that we have with this concert is that young people, not only from Bogota but also from the whole country can become aware of the problems of global warming and how we can do something for ourselves and the planet,” says the musician tolimense, who Also pretends that the concert can be multiplied in other cities of the country and the world.

Another goal of the ‘Green Party’ is to generate a sense of belonging among the companies that are linked to the project, as well as to start educating young people to have a respect for natural resources, such as water.

In order to expand the project around the world and in all languages, the musician from Tlalen has thought of everything, “we will have that day to the young people interpreting a hymn that I composed for that occasion and that makes a direct reference to the environmental theme. Is that the interpretation is done in several languages ​​beginning with Spanish, English, Mandarin, Chinese, French, Italian and German, “said Sabogal, who also said that day will have a sound of more than 250 thousand watts.

That day in the Simón Bolívar Park there will be more than eight giant screens in which images of the landscape and the natural resources of Colombia will be projected, as well as messages that awaken the ecological conscience in the more than 200 thousand young people that will be that day in the scene Capitalino

This assembly will be in charge of Javier de la Cuadra, who in turn will record live the concert and will make a documentary to eight cameras with more than two hours that will last the presentation.

The idea with this material, says Sabogal “Is that we start rotating it through the social interaction pages like Myspace and YouTube, among others. We are also thinking that we can work with the embassies of the world accredited in our country, so that the concert we can Replicate in other capitals of the world “, affirmed the musician tolimense.

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A concert for Guiness record

One of the main objectives of this call, which is being made by the teacher Germán Sabogal, is to apply to the Guinness record.

The organization of the event considers that to gather about 200 thousand students in a single stage under the same cause, could be considered a Guiness record. For this, on the day of the concert will have delegates to certify that the concert and its audience can enter the list of prestigious records.

Let’s fight for nature
The forest the sea the fish
Birds and rivers
Let’s fight for nature
With decontamination
We will save our world.
We will all cry out for peace with the earth
The love we profess
With the deepest ties.
Nature the lungs of our children
The throat always cries
We will breathe pure air.
We will not be alone
If we do our part
We will always fight together
To move on.
If we sow life
We will get the fruits
And with the green party
The hope of the future. Chorus … and FIN ..

© 2013 – 2017 copyright Germán Sabogal

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