Introduction to Musician Therapy

Unit 1.
1.1 Definition of music therapy
1.2 History of Music
1.3 Incidental music and its relation to music therapy.
Unit 2.
2.1 The language of Music.
2.2 The sound and silence.
2.3 Culture of the environment I
Auditory contamination.

Unit 3.
3.1 Brief history of music
3.1 Classical Music
3.2 The Renaissance
3.3 The baroque
3.4 Classicism
3.5 Romanticism
3.6 Culture of the environment II
Auditory contamination.

Unit 4
4.1 Effects of music
4.2 Effects of Music on the Body
4.3 The impact of Music at the Physical level
4.4 Musical stimulation as a Cognitive and Mental trigger.
4.5 Music therapy and Post conflict II (management of grief)
Theoretical axis – practical.

Unit 5.
5.1 Prophylactic Music (Music to take to the dentist)
5.2 The music and the Quantum theory.
5.3 Music therapy and Post conflict III (Musical reinsertion, life project.)
Theoretical axis – practical.

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There are many methods of natural healing that involve exercises, herbs, and natural products, our contribution is based on musical themes, we establish a curative method for each type of disease from music and we offer rhythms that implement certain and effective patterns so that the individual is healed.