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Breastfeeding is an art that requires practice.

In the absence of case-control studies that determine the magnitude of the effect of music therapy on breastfeeding, the tests carried out on 22 mothers during the first days of life of the babies are very revealing. After obtaining their consent, an open response pre-intervention survey was administered related to maternal personal data and some characteristics of their sound identity.

Afterwards, a card was prepared for the observation of the response to the music of the mother’s dyad during breastfeeding. And, finally, a new maternal post-intervention survey was administered related to the characteristics of breastfeeding. The sounds of nature and ambient music worked.

Mozart, however, made two babies get excited instead of relaxing. The results obtained were, with respect to the maternal sound identity, that 66% do not remember the music that their mother sang to them and 97% listened to music before and During pregnancy. 67% like to sing but only 9% sang to the baby during pregnancy.

95% establish a good emotional relationship during music therapy sessions.

Only in 9% of the cases there were indirect signs of poor breastfeeding technique.

90% of the mothers of the group decided on breastfeeding. As Salomé told the Asturian press, “all the women who took the shots listening to this music had more facility to feed their children with breast milk.

It is a circle that closes on itself: the music numbs the babies, who stop crying. This relaxes mothers and eliminates their anxiety when breastfeeding; As they are less tense, their heart rate decreases and that also calms the babies, who perceive the heartbeat of their mothers while they are nursing. “

Of course, music therapy is not an exact science and you have to try out what music is best for each baby. In fact, in this study it turned out that, in general, the sounds of nature and ambient music worked well.

Mozart, however, caused two babies to get excited instead of relaxing and Fito and the Fitipaldis invariably numbed one of them.

In any case, the research concludes that the new health systems should include music therapy as a complementary therapy to medical acts, to promote humanization and comfort.

It is very beneficial, in addition, that these activities begin before birth, with the preparation for childbirth and the involvement of both members of the couple.

“Experience shows that the more the father participates in the preparation for childbirth, the more he can support and give emotional support to the woman during and after it.

And the emotional support of the couple helps the woman to bond with the baby and also to develop the art of breastfeeding, “explains Helene.

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