Music therapy and duels

What is it?

It is a Therapy based on Energy produced by Structured Sound Vibrations in a Creative Art such as Music.

It is a Form of Healing that works the Mind, Emotion, the Physical Body, and the Spiritual.

It does not help to recall our fullness as a human being.

Through the sound frequencies produced by our voice, by musical instruments (very easy and simple to play).

From the undulation of movement and body expression; we stimulate our whole being, creating, enjoying and re-apprehending ourselves.

Our body heals itself through sound vibrations (frequencies) in the form of Music, which are light, which carry information, which are energy, which are vibration, producing resonance in our being; illuminating it, readjusting it and, therefore, HEALING it.

Music therapy is an organized, continuous, balanced, and systematic response to any imbalance in your being.

Both in your Mind, as in your Emotions, as well as in your Physical and Spiritual body.

It is a set of tools and techniques of the highest value that supports and complements other common therapies.

It is being used in cancer, depression, pain units, contractures even asthma …
In Anxiety and Stress it is also very useful.

Everything is susceptible to being treated with Music Therapy.

Also, and no less important, it is a tool in all types of Disabilities, in Education and in Creativity, and in Personal Growth and Evolution.

A Music Therapy Treatment is composed of an individualized or group follow-up through a succession of sessions, in which the Music Therapist and the patient interact through Sounds, Music, Voice, Body Expression, Movement, Art therapy , giving rise to a therapeutic process aimed at healing, or improving the patient.

Each of the sessions are very simple, easy and stimulating.

With an approximate duration of 1 hour.

In a room equipped for this, the therapeutic process is given:
Individually, or in a Group Therapy, as you wish.

The healing exchange occurs through all kinds of sonic possibilities.
The sensations can be simple and almost imperceptible, or they can be much more visible:

There will be a constant exchange of information, light, sounds, music, and above all an Expression of Emotions and Sensations that will contribute to the harmonization and balance of your whole being.

The effects of Healing can be instantaneous and can take a while to appear.

As I say, “In the session we give the injection and then, over time, we feel its effects.”

Remember that it is a complementary therapy that tends to the total balance of the human being. Everything needs its time.

It is a medium and long-term therapeutic process.

They will be achieved by achieving milestones, gradually and constantly.

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