Introduction to Musician Therapy

School of Music Therapy and Psychoacoustics
Program Content

Introduction to Musician therapy
Unit 1.
1.1 Definition of musician therapy
1.2 History of Music
1.3 Incidental music and its relationship with music therapy.
Unit 2.
2.1 The language of Music.
2.2 Sound and silence.
2.3 Culture of the environment II – Noise pollution.
Unit 3.
3.1 Brief history of music
3.1 Classical Music
3.2 The rebirth
3.3 The baroque
3.4 Classicism
3.5 Romanticism
3.6 Culture of the environment II – Noise pollution.
Unit 4
4.1 Music Effects
4.2 Effects of Music on the Body
4.3 The impact of Music on a physical level
4.4 Musical stimulus as a cognitive and mental trigger.
4.5 Music Therapy and Post Conflict II (Grief Management)
Theoretical – practical axis
Unit 5.
5.1 Prophylactic Music (Music to take to the dentist)
5.2 Music and Quantum Theory.
-5.3 Music therapy and Post-conflict III (Musical reintegration, life project.)
Theoretical – practical axis.

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