The physical experience of sound explored by a deaf artist

Christine Sun Kim, aka CK is a performance artist who explores the sound from the physical dimension and movement, but not listening, because Christine is born deaf.

For this reason, working with sound for it is a very different from the other people experience.

According says, growing up it was asking more and more about who possess sound really, and how it could be used this medium to which no direct access, but by the visual arts and performance to managed explore ” My work is based on the physical aspect of sound.

A free translation of sound into another form that incorporates the performance.

I want to explore the sound without a media interpretation of what could be. I want to find meaning from my experience. “

For CK sound is an experience that shows you a language to communicate with other people, which according to comments, it has not been easy in life.

By the sound physical connection can be achieved not only with manipulating objects, but also with his body, from the vibrations that it can perceive.

For example in the video speaks of feedback, one of his favorite sounds, due to strong vibrations that can occur in your body.

Something quite interesting, since the feedback is usually an unwanted sound our ears, at least when high doses of this.

For those who work with sound, never bad to remember that what they perceive our ears are simply a part of the sound phenomenon, the part audible, but the sound as such represents the physical propagation of waves that are constantly in contact not only with our ears but with our whole body.

And what better way than with an inspirational video as Christine.

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