In memorian Dr. Clive Robbins

Clive Robbins, the world dean of music therapy, died on December 7 at the age of 84.

Our condolences, our appreciation, and our warmest thanks to Dr. Robbins for his work and for his valuable legacy.

Clive Robbins is considered the co-creator of the musical theater. For more than 50 years he dedicated himself to treating children with developmental deficiencies or disabilities (autism, emotional disorders, schizophrenia, aphasia, learning disabilities, visual, auditory, physical disabilities …) through the Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Foundation that he himself created (with Paul Nordoff) and directed for 50 years.

The Nordoff-Robbins model is based on the initial theory of the musical child that we all have within and through which we can communicate.

Everyone is capable of responding to music, and under this premise, it is used as a means of communication.

In addition, through musical improvisation, emotions, thoughts arise … from the freedom offered by the field of non-verbal expression. In other words, music is used as a “mirror of the soul”.

Dr. Robbins devoted his entire life to musical research, which he shared throughout the world by giving lectures and taking his therapies to every corner.

His life is truly exciting and the work he has done in favor of music therapy is invaluable.

His Foundation has paid him a tribute on its website.

Thanks Dr. Robbins.

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