Muscle Tension – Music Therapy

Music therapy can reduce muscle tension and reduce anxiety in cancer patients, according to one expert.

The use of music therapy in cancer patients can reduce muscle tension, pain sensation and anxiety and stress that many patients feel that they have this type of disease.

This therapy also allows patients to feel part of a group, and therefore maintain an active social life, and this in turn allows them to express their feelings more easily.

Music therapy sessions less than two hours long in which music is used in different ways, such as singing, playing an instrument or dancing.

Thus, patients perform both mental and physical activity.

The goal is to create a space where patients “feel comfortable and safe to talk about their hopes and fears.”

Regarding the acceptance that this technique is having, he said that by more and more patients that are well known and well.

As the medical profession said that professionals are more open to using these innovations and not others.

The psychologist pointed out that the important thing is that the implementation of music therapy professionals and emphasized that the treatment is “non-invasive and without side effects.”

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