The healing power of sound

There are sounds that heal, the old Taoists knew it when, in China, they discovered through meditation that by means of sounds the human being could have a management of his emotional energy and thus feed a state of equilibrium.

According to the old teachings of Taoism there are sounds that heal and, today, there are many specialists who use these teachings as a complement to their conventional medical treatments.

The Taoists discovered through meditation that by means of sounds the human being could have a management of his emotional energy and thus feed his equilibrium state.

In fact, linking each sound (six in all), with a sense and a vital organ-lungs, kidneys, liver, heart, spleen and triple heater-the Taoists found a way to circulate vital energy throughout the body.

The so-called Rig Veda in India is also a record of the great healing power of sounds and it is a book of metrical chants, mantras, divided into mandalas, as poems with great vigor that inspired the first Taoist sages to use the sound as a healing technique.

Thus, the mantras are sacred chants, whose objective is to invoke a deity and whose strength lies in the possibility of obtaining an ideal, although there are also to purify and protect different planes of human existence.
For Alfred Tomatis, renowned French researcher, the Gregorian chant is a fantastic energizing food, for its simple melody, absence of tempo and emphasis on long and slow breaths.

Dr. Gaynor, a cancer prevention specialist in New York, uses sound as a complement to treatments with his cancer patients.

Apparently, the doctor learned this method when one of his patients, Ödsal, a Buddhist monk, taught him to touch the Tibetan bowls and sang various mantras for him.

Since then, he has not stopped applying these sound treatments to his cancer patients.

In addition to teaching them meditation, visualization and other relaxation techniques, practice with them the bija mantras (seed mantras), which are part of Oriental, Hindu and Sufi philosophy, mainly.

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Music Therapy Online

There are many methods of natural healing that involve exercises, herbs, and natural products, our contribution is based on musical themes, we establish a curative method for each type of disease from music and we offer rhythms that implement certain and effective patterns so that the individual is healed.

As Dr. Hammmer implements his Mein Studentenmadchen melody for cancer healing from  Germanic Medicine, we as musicians develop melodies based on music therapy and psychoacoustics that help healing and contribute to pain relief, to offer calm in terminal states and even for programming the child in the womb.

With our musical processes we offer melodies for adequate stimulation, timbral stimulation, development of auditory memory, neuronal stimulation, creative thinking development, multiple intelligences, emotional intelligences, spiritual states (meditation), spiritual reconnection, crystal children, neurolinguistics, clinical stimulation, rhythmic development, harmonic – melodic development, and terminal patient management focused on the improvement of the quality of life in the human being.

Germán Sabogal knows and develops all the genres in his musical albums as: music of the feelings, Latin American music, Latin fusions (bachata, bolero, Caribbean, cumbia, bossa nova, tango, rumba, pop, acoustic rock, salsa, Andean, corridor , bambuco, llanera, from the pacific, atlantic region, jazz, Latin jazz, waltz, soundtracks for movies, tv, radio, jingles.

All the musical projects, pedagogical, production, arrangements, recording, mixing, mastering, texts are under your direction. National and International Convocation with the Anthem against global warming and the decontamination of the earth. “Green Party”.

For all of the above, FIMS has created the Integral Music Therapy and Sicoacoustic Foundation, where seminars, workshops and conferences are offered in order to improve the quality of life in the human being.


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