Clive Robbins

Clive Robbins is considered the co-creator of the musical theater. For more than 50 years he dedicated himself to treating children with developmental deficiencies or disabilities (autism, emotional disorders, schizophrenia, aphasia, learning disabilities, visual, auditory, physical disabilities …) through the Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Foundation that he himself created (with Paul Nordoff) and directed for 50 years.

Music Therapy and mourn

Our body heals itself through sound vibrations (frequencies) in the form of music, which are light, which carry information, which are energy, which are vibration, producing resonance in our being; illuminating it, readjusting it and, therefore, healing it.

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Germán Eduardo Sabogal

There are many methods of natural healing that involve exercises, herbs, and natural products, our contribution is based on musical themes, we establish a curative method for each type of disease from music and we offer rhythms that implement certain and effective patterns so that the individual is healed.